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Pathway Family Center has closed

(This website will be completely restored shortly.  We changed ISPs and ownership.  We appreciate your patience.)

Thank you to all who helped close this abusive program.


Return of Pathway ?

Two former Pathway Family Center executive staff members have started a business called Branches Counseling, PLLC. 

Past devotion to the cultist Pathway program and the lack of any mention on the Branches website about previous employment by Pathway raises concern about this counseling service.

It is our hope that Branches Counseling, PLLC will not inflict the harm to families that Pathway Family Center and STRAIGHT INC. did for decades.

Visit the Pathway Origins page and see how these deceptive programs have "changed names" in the past.

Pathway Family Center Staff List



Northern Transplant

Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC) is still in operation in Calgary, Alberta Canada. AARC was created by Dean Vause who had previously worked at the KIDS Centers of America program under Miller Newton. It has been reported that the AARC program model was created directly from the KIDS of the Canadian West program model brought to Canada by Miller Newton.

AARC has demonstrated action consistent with abusive programs against criticism. Due to all information received about AARC, it is our position and belief that the AARC program must be exposed and closed.

AARC is currently suing 4 former clients who alleged abuse by the center as well as CBC's The Fifth Estate for airing the documentary "Powerless". It is our belief that this report exposed AARC in a truthful and negative light. WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY:




Our Work Is Not Done

For more information about the hundreds of Abusive Programs still in operation, please follow these links:



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Our Belief

The "inner core" techniques that were so psychologically devastating in STRAIGHT INC., KIDS and Pathway Family Center, continue to be implemented within hundreds of Residential Treatment Programs. Some of these methods have been likened to systematic brainwashing and group-cult techniques.  Furthermore, we consider these treatment methods to be "impermissible experiments" and thus illegal under the Nuremberg Code of Ethics.


Where We Stand

We stand against any dangerous thought reform techniques or other abuse implemented in the name of treatment. This website exists strictly for the purpose of educating and informing the public of treatment models that have not been scientifically proven to be effective. These models are consistently reported to be experimental and damaging. Hundreds of Residential Treatment Programs are still subjecting clients to dangerous thought reform techniques and should be thoroughly investigated by the Forensic Audit and Special Investigations Unit of the GAO and all available legal actions taken.




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